The Doxford Group is a flourishing independent business currently providing two unique wedding and events based in Northumberland. As the business expands and the team complete new acquisitions and projects, it became clear the group needed a more robust branding solution that showed unity across the sub-brands but still mirrored the characteristics of each brand’s personality. 

It was decided that the Doxford Barns logo was the best place to start as the brand was the most established and well received amongst employees and customers alike.

From here, we adapted the logo and colours to match each brand. The Doxford Group is the parent brand and was to be used as the corporate entity; therefore, a deep blue was used to represent stability, trust and confidence.

Charlton Hall is the newest addition to The Doxford Group’s portfolio. This unique wedding venue was crowned ‘Britain’s funkiest stately home’ by the Sunday Times; thus requiring a little bit more pizzazz.

Doxford Barns rounds off the set sporting a new shade of deep, muted green to be used alongside the group-wide gold. 

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