Branding: Acoustic Pixel

The Challenge

Newly-emerging home automation brand Acoustic Pixel approached Twist to help build and sculpt an identity that allowed them to penetrate a saturated but disjointed market. Largely, competitors had failed to educate consumers on the benefits of installing smart tech in their home – we noticed most adopted a tech-minded approach which didn’t resonate with non-techies. This was our opportunity.


January 2018


Acoustic Pixel




Our Approach


The Twist team immediately identified the flaws of competitors. Acoustic Pixel was to be positioned as a lifestyle brand, something consumers could realistically aspire to be a part of due to the range of bespoke packages and services Acoustic Pixel offer. 

We started with the logo. Our team created an array of designs, drawing inspiration from the products Acoustic Pixel work with and the types of properties they aimed to target. In the end, we stripped back the design to a clean, simple font accompanied by a purple gradient that speaks luxury and comfort – two key messages that resonate throughout everything Acoustic Pixel do.

Once the brand guidelines were developed, Twist went to work applying them to various pieces of print and digital collateral. Most notably the Acoustic Pixel website.

During our initial competitor analysis, we discovered very few companies with clean, easy-to-navigate sites that delivered relevant information to prospective customers. Twist focussed on using the website as Acoustic Pixel’s main tool to educate customers on the benefits of smart technology in the home and office environments, relating the services on offer back to common issues and annoyances associated with everyday home and working life.

Acoustic Pixel are now recognised as home and office automation specialists throughout Yorkshire, Cleveland & Redcar. They developed a top of the range home cinema at their showroom in House of Harrogate which has since been used to host events, allowing customers to experience the benefits of the technology before investing for their own properties.

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