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Public relations

At Twist, we like to do things differently to conventional PR agencies. We deliver completely bespoke and fully integrated communications campaigns that propel your brand into the spotlight.


From producing inspirational and shareable content for social media, to pitching stories and creative ideas to the press, we specialise in delivering content-rich campaigns that raise brand awareness and builds audience engagement.


Our team of copywriters live and breathe the sectors we serve (lifestyle, leisure, interiors, sport, food & drink) so you can be rest assured the terminology we use, style of language and structure of content seamlessly resonates with the audiences you aim to reach.

event management

PR and events often go hand in hand, which is why we offer an event planning service. Whether this be to maximise a sponsor's presence at a sporting event, to organising press trips and open days, we thrive on finding the most creative ways that build brand presence and event attendance.

social media

Social media plays an essential part in all our online campaigns. We have a very strong track record in building audience engagement (not just followers) through social media campaigns that captivate and inspire audiences, resulting in increased online engagement and social media reactions.


Our PR and SEO teams work hand-in-hand to build search visibility. We do this with our strategic outreach programme that creates valuable and relevant content for sharing and promotion on high profile, platforms. Our activity integrates with and complements wider marketing projects, whilst driving traffic and accruing quality links for the websites we manage.



Our approach to managing client campaigns is very straightforward.

Firstly, every campaign is completely bespoke.

Secondly, research underpins everything we do and sets the foundation of how we understand your brand. Gaining insight allows us to make informed recommendations, based entirely on what is relevant to our client and how we can best meet specific objectives.

The marketing channels we use are simply based around where your audiences are, through social media, owned-channels and specific publications. Your brand is at the centre of everything we do and through joint consultation, we always select channels which are the most appropriate.

For measurement, every campaign we deliver  is always measured against objectives.   Our purpose is to make a positive difference to your bottom line at every point of the journey.


We research your brand, your market and your competitors.


We understand your brand objectives and recommend the most effective channels to reach your target audiences.


We continually monitor and feedback on campaign performance, to ensure our activities are always delivering a healthy ROI.



Our unique and unparalleled service is testament to the results we achieve and we do this by tailoring everything from message, to delivery and contacts so your campaign delivers everything you expect it to and more.


We follow a disciplined framework that keeps our clients up to date with everything we do. We ensure every project we deliver is on budget, on time and in accordance with agreed KPIs set out from the beginning.


Our team are always in pursuit of innovative ways to deliver campaigns. We prefer to be original and creative with the way we work and this helps to set your brand apart from the competition.


Our team are dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional service that delivers the results you need to meet your marketing objectives. We're the best-in-class and strive to deliver the Twist Experience.

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